Proposed Changes to Admission Requirements

Courtesy of The California State University

The CSU is investigating a proposal to add one year of quantitative reasoning coursework to the "a-g" subject admission requirements, raising the requirements from 15 years of comprehensive college preparatory coursework to 16 years for the entering first-time freshman class of 2026.

To satisfy the requirement, students would have many options, including:

- an additional “c" – mathematics course (with Algebra II as a prerequisite)

- an additional “d"- physical science course (beyond the one required),

- or a “g"-elective course that has quantitative reasoning foundation (subjects could include computer science, coding, engineering, graphic design, statistics, personal finance, etc.).


The first table below illustrates the existing “a-g" college preparatory coursework requirements for first-time freshman applicants.

The second table illustrates the proposed “a-g" college preparatory coursework requirements for first-time freshman applicants.

Equity and Access

This proposal supports the commitment to eliminate all equity gaps. Through robust outreach programs, existing community and external partnerships and equity organizations, the CSU anticipates addressing issues of awareness, communication, and collaboration regarding the proposed changes during the intervening six-year period.

The goal is to expand access and equity for all students rather than limiting opportunities to achieve personal and professional goals because of limited preparation during high school. Additionally, any student who could not fulfill the requirement due to limited course availability in their high school would be provided an exemption.​

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